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Top 7 Interesting Facts About the Amritsar Golden Temple

Before 1830, it was not covered with gold. In 1830, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, a brave Sikh ruler covered the temple with gold.

The Amritsar Golden Temple is made of 24-karat gold. This gold is much purer than the 22-karat gold present in Indian households today.

The stairs that enter the temple go downwards symbolizing the humble way of living.

There is no caste barrier, anyone from any religion can visit this holy temple.

The temple organizes the largest langar Sewa in the world. It serves around 100,000 devotees daily.

The Golden Temple was founded in 1574 by the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das, and completed in 1604.

It is believed that Lord Buddha meditated at this holy site.

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