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Famous National Parks Of Madhya Pradesh In 2022

1. Satpura National Park and Biosphere

Sloth Bear, Indian Bison, Asiatic and Wild Dogs are the most popular animals in this national park.

2. Bandhavgarh National Park

There are more than 300 flora and fauna reside in this national park.

3. Kanha National Park

This natioal park is famous for leopards, wild dogs and Indian Swamp Deer.

4. Pench National Park

This national park is famous for Royal Bengal Tiger as well as Wild Boar, Indian Bison, Sloth Bear and more

5. Madhav National Park

This nature reserve is famous for Barsingha, leopard and fox.

6. Panna National Park and Tiger Reserve

This national park is popular for Royal Bengal Tiger, leopard, species of antelope and deer, over 260 birds, insects, and reptiles.

7. Fossil National Park

In this national park. you can witness well-preserved seeds and various leaf fossils.

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