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Palm Tree

Enjoy Thol Lake Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat

Gujarat owns a man-made lake named Thol Lake situated at Thol village in the Mehsana district of Gujarat.

This shallow repository overwhelmed by untamed water regions was initially built for the water system in 1912 by the government.

In 1988, it was converted into a wildlife sanctuary to protect the birdlife found there. More than 320 bird species can be found near the lake.

Numerous migratory birds visit this sanctuary. They nest, and breed in the water body.

You can see some prominently noticed bird species like Flamingos and Sarus Crane near this sanctuary which are pretty rare to be found elsewhere.

Aside from birds, vertebrates, for example, blue blue, striped hyena, wolves, golden jackal, and blackbuck additionally live in this specific sanctuary.

One of the primary attractions of this distinctive lake is that it is surrounded by muddy plants. Apart from this, different types of flowers and prickly plants are also seen here

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