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Unknown Facts about Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

According to the architect, it is expected that this temple will be the largest temple to be built in India.

The height of the temple from the ground will be about 161 feet, on the other hand, the area of the structure will be 28,000 square feet.

The total amount of donation to Ram Mandir construction is 5000Cr till June 2022. Apart from it, 4 quintals of silver and gold are donated for Ram Mandir construction.

For the construction of the holy temple of Lord Ram, Holy soil from 2,587 places will be used as the foundation.

To protect the temple’s history, a time capsule shall be placed 2,000 feet under the temple structure.

People not only from India but also from abroad are donating gold and silver bricks, and money continuously for the construction of Ram Mandir.

The temple has been designed by Sompura Architects who have constructed over 200 temples in India and abroad.

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